Ordinary young man who loves to travel and explore. Psychology student who likes listening to jazz and doing social activities
  • pbs-food:

    Noodles? We don’t need no stinkin’ noodles: Zucchini Lasagna

  • 1,000 posts!

    Yeaaaay!! What a great achievement! :)) thank you Tumblr!

  • martadoes365:

    Day 979: If you’re into this collage, you might want to check out the State Goods party that the studio I work at is throwing. Friday, Sept 26 at the Gladstone Hotel. More details here.

    martadoes365 is an ongoing daily project that consists of making one piece of design for 1000 days

  • creativehouses:

    Living Room of Bay Front Cabin, Provincetown

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  • creativehouses:

    Northern Wisconsin Bunk House

  • garden-of-vegan:

    Raspberries & chopped strawberries topped with coconut whip cream (sweetened with maple syrup), cashews, dark chocolate, and granola.

  • foodrepublic:

    Fall’s here. We’re going to keep making popsicles, especially these maple bacon bourbon pops:


  • a-poster-a-day:

    Day 454 - Yours Simon (and mine)

  • intertitles:

    Monsters University (2013)

  • natgeotravel:

    Let’s dance. In Bali.

    Photograph by Dallas and John Heaton, Aurora